Frontline: Fields of Thunder

Frontline: Fields of Thunder is the greatest tank battle of the all of times.

During 20 missions, in two campaigns on the Germany and USSR party, the player should share in the greatest tank battle in a history of mankind. The battle for Kursk was by the last attempt Nazi Germany to intercept the initiative in battle operations on Eastern front. On the party of German troops the player should storm a Kursk Arc from the north and from the south down to epoch-making battle under Prohorovka, and in the campaign for USSR - to be defended, counterattack and to pursue the exhausted enemy up to his starting positions under Belgorod. On battle-fields will be involved as the most known kinds of battle engineering, for example, T-34 or «Tiger», and infrequent, earlier in historical WWII RTS not met - for example, SPG Sturmpanzer II Bison or flamethrower tank Flammpanzer II Flamingo. To notice of the network battles fans will be offered new multiplayer mode for eight players.

Key features of the game:

  • The largest tank battle in a history of mankind detailed reconstructed in the classical real-time strategy.
  • Two historically correct campaign for USSR and Germany, which missions are based to real events.
  • Maximum approximate to a reality of the armors characteristic.
  • Game locations based on the real topographical and strategic maps.
  • New multiplayer mode for 8 players.