Legends of Allods

Legends of Allods is a non-commercial sequel for the famous Rage of Mages and Evil Islands series.

Meet new exciting adventures in the universe of lost islands! The game takes place several years after the death of the Great Magician Urd, when a new mysterious menace threatens the lands of the kingdom of Yazes. You can again feel the cool breath of the Ancient Forest, hear the druids singing and talk with wise elves. In addition to the exciting plot you are expected to battle with a variety of monsters, familiar from previous games in the universe of Allods, large, detailed locations, a wide arsenal of weapons, armor and magic spells.

Key features of the game:

  • A fascinating adventure in the famous Allods universe.
  • Harmonious combination of role-playing game with strategic and stealth-elements.
  • A large bestiary, which includes more than 60 varieties of monsters.
  • A large arsenal of weapons (more than 150 types), armors (more than 50 types) and spells (more than 30 types).
  • Advanced role-playing system - the hero improves those skills that he uses most often.
  • Seamless game world.